The benefits of liquidating a limited company

✔ Stop immediate creditor action.

✔ Avoid CCJ or Winding Up Order.

✔ Once appointed, our Liquidator will deal with all creditors.

✔ Staff will get lost pay and redundancy where applicable.

✔ Claim redundancy as a Director, average £9k of successful claims.

✔ Eliminate stress.

Plan your future.

Act Now! Don’t use your funds to prop up the business, especially using credit cards. If you feel you are digging a hole, then stop digging, it will only get deeper.

What we do for you?

✔ Assess your current situation re cash flow and debts

✔ Advise if there is a possibility to rescue the business?

Could some assets be sold?

✔ Would a Company Voluntary Arrangement work to seek protection from creditors and continue trading

✔ Assess your position with regards any personal guarantees, directors loan accounts, directors redundancy pay

✔ Appoint a licensed insolvency practitioner if a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is the best solution. They will take over all dealings with creditors and staff.

Your business could be Liquidated in just four weeks, leaving you free to plan a new future.  You may also be able to buy back the assets of the business and start trading again.


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Closing a Limited Company Options