Money Laundering Regulation Policy Statement – HBG Advisory (“The Firm”)

The Anti-Money Laundering (ALM) policy and procedures, implemented by HBG Advisory being used as a means for money laundering activities, terrorism financing, together with other business that then aids money laundering.

To these ends:

Individual & corporate identities of existing and potential clients once verified as per our policy. Therefore, assured HBG remain assured of the status of whom we are then representing.

A risk-based procedure, however, applies when monitoring the tax and accounting affairs of all our clients.

All activity deemed suspicious then requires reporting, together with AML activities recorded.

Sandra McAlister, Director of the firm, HBG Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO), regulates the AML policies and procedures of the firm.

all verifications of persons are verified by Creditsafe.

All trained staff holding meetings with the firm’s clients or future clients, therefore to confirm to HBG MLR policy. Further that the procedures then need reading and agreeing before meetings or contact of any sort with clients.

Money Laundering Regulation
Money Laundering Regulation
Money Laundering Regulation
Money Laundering Regulation